Saturday, October 31, 2009

Pass the Pearl

Along my journey, I have made lasting relationships with so many wonderful women. These women have , in some way, inspired and helped me by giving words of truth that have helped shape and mature me. Their words have been building blocks that I've taken to extend to women whose path I cross. This is the power of connections! This power that comes from unity in spirit and the awareness that we share a common destiny, are the Pearls. Pearls are the things that we hold near and dear to our heart....The Pearls of hope, of love, peace, healing and family just to name a few. Beauty Marks ask you to lock hands with us and Pass the Pearl to someone in your life who needs a hug, a smile, a listening ear, or a word of encouragement. Look for future blog posting of Pass the Pearl inspirations please comment tell us how you have pass or receive hopeful pearls from someone. These pearls will begin to sparks the change you want to see in the world.

Friday, October 30, 2009

Whats' Your Story?

My heart is stirred by a noble theme, as I recite my verse for the king, my tongue is the pen of a skillful writer. Psalm 45-1

When I look at this verse my mind wonders to a certain book in the bible that I hold near and dear to my heart, the book of Esther. I guess you can say it is like a modern day Cinderella story. In both stories there is a search for a missing piece of a puzzle. Cinderella had lost her father and lived with her evil step mother and sister’s who treated her poorly. In the city there lived a prince that was searching for his princess. He had a ball were all the eligible girls were to come to try and win the attention of the prince. Now Cinderella heard of this ball but was forbidden not to go by her evil step mother. But they didn’t know that Cinderella had a fairy god mother that instantly appeared and granted her a wish for one night . Well, I know that you know the rest of the story… the fairy god mother gave Cinderella an instant makeover with a beautiful dress, some glass slipper’s and a carriage ride that would turn into a pumpkin at midnight. Cinderella captured the heart of the prince with one dance but leaves her shoes behind while rushing to leave the ball at midnight. Her shoe was the only thing that the prince had to use to search for the love of his life. He went throughout the city trying to find the girl whose foot would fit into glass slipper. Well, everyone was surprise when he found her and it was our very own Cinderella. She was the only girl whose foot would fit into the glass slipper. In the story of Esther, there was a search in the land of Susa for a Queen. The former Queen Vashti had lost her crown because she refused parade around for her husband at a feast to show her beauty. Through her actions she lost her title and was no longer Queen. The king announced a city wide pageant for all young women to come to the palace an be groomed in process to be the next Queen. Now in the city of Persia lived a young Jewish girl name Hadassah known as Esther. She was raise by her cousin Mordecai because she had lost her mother and father. She too was to go to the palace and be groomed and instructed on the etiqueete of the King. Now her cousin Mordecia had instructed Esther to keep her indentity secret because Jews were treated poorly and there was a plot by Hamman, one of the King’s official to destroy and kill the Jews. The women in the palace had to undergo several months of beauty treatments in preparation for a night with the king. When Esther entered the palace she obtain favor from Haggai, an enunch that trained the women in the haram on the proper protacal of meeting the king. Haggai gave Esther special instructions on what to wear and say before she was to go and see the king. It was those instructions that won the heart of the king and she was crowned Queen Esther. But her story doesn’t start there it begins with her decision to revel her identity in order to save her people from being killed because of who they were and the God they served. She went before the king with a humble request on her heart let my people live. At that moment Esther step into purpose. Purpose always has sacrifice and is never about your own will. Overwhelming odds and trails always present the opportunity for greatness and potential to arise. These women yet different but very simular because of purpose. Purpose is always larger than any circumstances, social class or injustice. Cinderella had the help and support of a fairy god mother that gave her a new dress, a carriage ride, and some glass slippers that would ultimately decide her fait and be chosen as princess and live with her prince charming forever. She was Chosen … she was the only girl who’s foot was fashioned and shape for her role. Esther had the favor and guidance of Hegai, the voice of wisdom, that gave Esther advice on what to wear and what to say before the king that decided her faith in becoming Queen Esther. Both women were hidden and were chosen for such great task at hand. But what I love and find so inspiring about these stories is the underline message of hope. Cinderella and Esther both had the attitude, mindset, and humility of a servant heart. The circumstances and situations that these women were up against presents a divine design of how God uses unlikely ordinary people to perform extraordinary task. Who knew that the girl who lost everything that felt familiar along with her inheritance would be a servant to the unlovable and would find love and the heart of prince charming . Who would have ever thought that the young Jew orphan girl named Hasdassah would be sent to the king’s palace an arise to her destiny and calling as Queen Esther and based on who she was and the courage to stand up for a cause would saved her people from death. The message of hope was both in the heart of these women. What’s your story? What’s your Message ? Does your story have a lifeline connection to someone else. God has given us all a theme and message of hope and love to share with the people around us. It is only when we are open to God’s divine will and allow His sovereign hands in our lives that He uses all of our disappointments, heartbreaks, setbacks, and failures to be our testaments of a God that works all things out for our good. Instead of defeat we have victories. We trade in sorrows and loses for joys and blessings that we didn’t even ask for. Each individual story becomes a piece of the puzzle that make up God’s master design that connects and unites us all together.


Wednesday, October 28, 2009

The Definition of Beauty...

You know we all have heard beauty is in the eye of the beholder...but i want to know who are you letting grasp there hands on your beauty. With so much emphasis on women to look a certain way we will all go bankrupt trying to keep up with the lastest fashion...lipgloss..and hair weave! Don't get me wrong all of those thing are important visually, but they just don't last or bring quality to our lives. So what is beauty? Happy you ask! Beauty Marks believes that beauty is being comfortable in your own skin. It is about owning every part of those so call flaws and making them work for you, calling on Rupaul himself.... You Better Work! Beauty makes a statement and announces ..I am not a carbon copy but a one of a kind original! It is about purpose and reaching your goals and living out your dreams. Beauty is driven. It inspires and has a helping hand in the lives of family, friends, and community. Beauty is a story. It is a testament of the trials and struggles that come into our lives to make us stronger and victorious! Beauty is forgiveness... it gets better not bitter and has a joyful song in the midst of adversity. Beauty does not give up but is intentional with relentless faith to get to the other side. Look, read, and enjoy be inspired and see a clear perception of beauty that will leave a mark on your life.