Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Note to Self

Today started out very slow...I thought to myself what and where is my life going.
I don't know if you have ever been there but I've been through so much in my life sometimes I wonder God where are you? It seems not so long ago when I pack up every thing I owned, rented a Uhaul, and went up interstate 35 in Dallas, TX to Atlanta Georgia. OMG! All those miles that make up a journey that had ultimately led me back to where I started. Along my journey I have had many life experience that I guess Oprah would say I had a "Ah Ha". It would be those events that have made my no sense life really meaningful. Between here and there I have met so many wonderful people that have touch my life and made it better...even the ones I didn't like. I have heard it is not about the destination but the journey and courage it take to stay on that little yellow brick road of discover. So I cant help but wonder...how does the puzzle and pieces of my life fit and connect to a bigger picture? I was reminded today by the Holy Spirit that my life is not in vain and the steps that I have made and took have always been purposeful. That bless my soul and gave me an assurance that He that started a great work in me will complete and finish it until... that means that He is constantly working on my behalf. Thank you Jesus for the inconsistencies that are in my life because if they were not there I wouldn't know what you would be doing next.

Friday, January 1, 2010

My Story is Grace

It has been awhile since I have written in my blog and celebrating a new year along with a birthday, I wanted to get back on target and write. I have always been better expressing my thoughts through writing. So, I thought I would tell my story! My last post was Nov 3, 2009 which was 2 days before my father's passing. On Nov 5, 2009 my daddy had a heart attack an passed away. It was sudden and unsuspecting. I know that you never know when someone you love will go to the other side but I always thought certain things that had not happen in my life yet my daddy would be around to see and share. Being 35 single with no children and let's not forget that I am an only child, I thought that my dad would see me get married. I have always imagined the father daughter's dance... and let me tell you Otis was a great dancer! We would have torn the dance floor up!!! He loved to dance and was known as a on time slide to the left hit it on the right electric slider! I am a huge dreamer and that vision of my wedding day always had my father beside me giving me away. It did not seem fair...it was not right. That was a conversation I had with God in my head as I pondered on the fact that my daddy was no longer here. I recently moved back in the same state and house with my mother and father and we were so grateful to be together as a family. 5 years I have been out of the state of Texas and 19 years since I left home to go to college. Time goes by so soon and we always think that we will have anough time. But, I have discovered that unsuspecting life events can alter your whole life story of what you think will happen. Here I am in a familair place but it is very uncomfortable. My dad was suppose to be here with us for Thanksgiving and Christmas I haven't celebrated those holidays with my parents in 8 years. What the Hell!!! But as I come my spirit and think about me moving back home in the nick of time I see God's graceful hand. 3weeks I had with my daddy...and those were the best times ever. We laughed, talked, ate dinner,and watchd movies. We bonded and connected as a family it was unforgettable. Those and many other memmories I have as a child of my father I carry in my spirit each and every day. Those memmories keeps me in a position of praise and grattitude. Although we may not always understand why somethings happen in our lives I have learn that our lives or so valuable and time is Precious. Time is something that we cant get back. Once it has tick away...it is gone. Make the most of each and everyday they really do add up and give your life value depending on your attitude. Being grateful is a choice and a opportunity we are blessed with each and eveyday.