Thursday, February 11, 2010

Pass the Pearl: God Time/Skin Care Shout Out!!!

In our search for makeup tips and tricks to make us look beautiful sometimes we forget about taking care of our skin. Skin care is just not what we apply to our faces but stress, worry, bitterness, and not enough rest will all take a toll on how you look and feel. Take time to get enough rest, exercise, and laughter. I have experienced first hand, when situations were hard and uncomfortable, God blessed me with a spirit of laughter. And when I couldn't laugh he gave me my best friend to remind me that all we had was joy! It is important that we take care of ourselves emotionally and spiritually. Take time in the morning to center your thoughts and plans. Keep a pad and pen near your bed to jot thoughts and ideas. If you are happy and had your God Time then people, problems, and situations will have to adjust to your tone. I call it... setting your environment! It will only enhance your life and help you look and feel better. Once we are set up for success on a inner level we are ready to add a little flavor! There are a lot of products on the market that pretty much all do the same thing...but in this economy I'm looking for quality products that work with my skin type. I found my skin care angel in Mary Kay Cosmetics. I have sampled a little of this and that but this line work with my skin and is good for my pockets. I personally had trouble skin with breakouts and my skin did not look polish. So, you can imagine how my face look with makeup. I have oily skin and my problem area is my chin. Mary Kay has an oil modifier that works great! It stops shine and goes on smooth. For skin care the cleanser works well and leaves my skin feeling fresh and new. It seams as though the products removes dirt, grime, and makeup from your skin and leaves it glowing. Your skins look healthy...and I walked away feeling polished and smooth.

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