Monday, February 8, 2010

You Never Know!!!!!

Today was an unsuspected day....woke up and started on my many projects that I have going on.... my many new goals for the new year! You know the slogan...New Year New You!! I think everyone in the start of a new year has those resolutions that they want to accomplish and see manifest in their life. Me... I feel like I'm at a cross road of untap purpose. With me moving back home with my mother, I want to take the time and really explore all of my untap unseen potential that I know resides and dwells within my most innermost being. So I am trying my best to maximize my time and develop every idea, dream, and vision in my belly! I think the hardest things is to be be in a place where I'm discipline and excited about my future because this process in unpredictable. Question? How does one do what they have never seen but know that it exist because of a pull or draw you feel about a particular thing? That thing being label as a Dream. Webster's definition of dream is a visionary creation of the imagination. Why is it important to have a dream? I think the answer is to have a picture of unlimited possibilities that are achievable if you believe. How does one do the unseen...Just do it! It is important for us to trust that still small voice in our head that keeps pulling us towards our future. Even though the way seen unpredictable there are certainties that we reach our goal if we don't give up.There is a passage in the bible that talks about Jesus not being able to perform miracles in his home town because the people had little faith.(Mark 6:5..He could not do any miracles there, except lay his hands on a few sick people a heal them. And He was amazed at their lack of faith) That is powerful and eye opening because the only way to get God to perform a miracle in or lives is through faith. Our active faith is the fuel God needs for us to have so that he can began to transforms our unseen lives into His spoken reality. Faith has to be mix with our steady hands of determination to stir up our gifts and talents that ultimately make room for our purpose to be reveal. So remember to keep focus..stay positive..believe and have faith that all you need is inside you and the rest God will provide in His time.

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