Monday, March 29, 2010

Ask Bella Deveraux: Friends with Benefits

Dear Bella,
I have done well for myself...I'm a successful business woman who paid my way through college and graduate school. I am able to pay my bills and treat myself to a few luxuries in life. I have recently been evolved with a man for about 8 months and we have established that our relationship is friends with benefits. We have an understanding that he pays my bills and takes care of me financially and I spend time with him when I'm available. Now, I don't see anything wrong with this and it has been nice to have a man take care of me. But my friends think that this is a situation gone bad because he dates other women. What do you think?

Dear Destiny Child,

Can you pay my bills was a big hit for Destiny Children...but while they we singing the song they were earning the money to pay for their bills. I'm not one to judge but I would have you really look at the situation and make sure your not selling yourself short. You mention that you were able to take care of your self..why wouldn't you continue to implement the values you stood on while you were in college? Make sure that you don't allow your morals or integrity to be compromised. Not to mention what you open yourself up to with this man with the possible risk of an STD because he is dating other women. You are responsible for your health physically and spiritually. So...I not saying you a Gold digger but...Look at the big picture.
Bella D.

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