Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Wisdom for Wednesday: Diary of a Tired Black Woman

With so many demands on our lives as women, it’s like we’re starring in a 5 act play called “The Diary of a Tired Black Woman.” But I ask the question, How does she do it all? Where does this sense of drive and passion come? As women we play so many roles and change our hats and hair weaves all at the same time! Whether we are playing leading lady to our significant other or supporting actress to our children, family, or friends we play the role of a lifetime. But any actress will tell you that she has to prepare and study the life of her character that in order to connect and tell a story. As we play the many roles in our lives we must Reconnect with a bigger source of power that is greater than us. Such power will give us inspiration, inner peace, and drive to love ourselves and our family. Remember, you have to take care of yourselves first…only then can you truly give and pour into others. If we want to have influence with the world we must have a sense of guidance from on high. We embrace this when we take time and Reconnect with God and receive His power of inner strength, peace, and wisdom. It is with Him that our lives can be full and spill over to everyone we meet. We become an open vessel chosen to be used for His purpose. Start your day with him while your drinking coffee, driving to work, or cooking breakfast. Take time and open your spirit so that God can refresh you and guide you to your best acadamy award winning role of a lifetime.

T=trust I=inspired R=reconnect E=empower D=devotion

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